COPSA 2018

19-23 November 2018
Ypres, Belgium

COPSA 2018

Conference On Cold Plasma Sources and Applications

We have the honour to invite you to the 2018 conference on cold plasma sources and applications, to be held in Ypres, Belgium, from 19-23 November 2018.
The COPSA 2018 conference provides an international forum for the field of cold plasmas. Topics span from cold plasma source design to experimental studies that work towards applying cold plasmas in industries such as catalysis and surface modification.

Invited speakers

Annemie Bogaerts
University of Antwerp, Belgium
Burning questions of plasma catalysis: answers by modeling
Uros Cvelbar
Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Design of antibacterial coating composites with plasma
Dirk Hegemann
EMPA, Switzerland
On the role of hydration in functional plasma polymer films comprising gradient structures
Erwin Kessels
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition: a true enabling nanotechnology
František Krčma
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Microwave sustained micro torch for bio applications
Bruce Locke
Florida State University, USA
Chemical and physical processes in plasma discharges formed on a gas-liquid water interface
Anthony Murphy
CSIRO, Australia
Effects of atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment on cotton seed surface properties and germination
Jean-Michel Pouvesle
Université d'Orleans, France
Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasmas for cancer treatment: Status, issues, and challenges
Rony Snyders
Université de Mons, Belgium
Plasma diagnostic & plasma polymerization... a promising but complex story